Thai Iced Tea

The Texas Summer sun is brutal. Drinking lots of water to keep yourself hydrated is the key. However you might want something different to quench your thirst. In this post, I want to share two easy and quick ways to brew you own Thai iced tea at home; french press method and pot method.

Consider serving it during your upcoming 4th of July gatherings, guests will be surprised with this creamy tea. You can make it a couple days in advance and refrigerate it. However if you want to make it in advance, follow every step except don't mix in the evaporated milk. Pouring the evaporated milk before serving gives a nicer presentation. It will look like a cascade of milk contrasting with the color of the iced tea itself.

The recipe I've provided below is good for two 16oz glasses. If you want to make more, just multiply the amount of the recipe. If you are concerned about sugar intake, substitute