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Welcome to my website, Baipoh. My name is Hathaichanok Bunyaraksh. I go by Nikki, so people don't feel intimidated to call me. I'm originally from Bangkok, Thailand. Now I live in Katy, Texas.


Food is one of many things I like. However I didn't cook or bake at the beginning. When I was 23, I came to the US for further education. That was when I had a chance to cook a little bit. Fortunately my roommates were very good at cooking and  they both agreed that I should clean dishes. With that in mind, I always thought that I couldn't cook.


After I got married, I wanted to cook for myself and my husband. I started from reading books and watching videos. The more I learned about cooking, the more I fell in love with it. I always try to go to cooking school when I go back to Bangkok. I have also mastered Thai fruit and vegetable carving; an elaborate Art skill which has been passed down for generationsAfter a while, my passion has expanded to different types of cuisines. In 2018, I decided to attend Culinary Arts program at Culinary Institute Le Notre. 


For me, a good dish is not just about cooking; the culture, the people and the story behind each dish are crucial elements. New flavors and ingredients are always intriguing. I believe that there will be people who share the same value about food that is why Baipoh was created. I want this space to be a place where people can learn, share and exchange knowledge. The website map will guide you to what Baipoh offers. I hope you enjoy my site. Facebook and Instagram are also available for you to check out.


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