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In this class, we're pairing the pineapple fried rice dish with the savory pork saku appetizer. This Thai style fried rice is quick and healthy. It comes with white onion, bell pepper and roasted cashew nuts. Turmeric is sprinkled in to give a distinct aroma. The savory pork saku is the steamed dumpling stuffed with seasoned pork and ground peanut. It's ubiquitous in Thailand at the street vendors. People who have tried this appetizer fell in love with the chewy texture from the outside and tasty filling  of the stuffing.


After the class, you can take your cooking home to share with your friends and family. The portion you make can comfortably serve 2-3 persons.


*** Signing a waiver form is required on the class day***

What to Expect

Private Class

Get a chance to learn how to cook authentic Thai food exclusively.

You will learn and do all steps yourself for better understanding.

***We also offer group classes***

Simply email us the date you prefer and a number of people to get a quote.

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