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Pad Thai is a well known dish for Thai cuisine. If you go to Thailand or a Thai restaurant, you will see it everywhere and on almost every table. Pad Thai comes in different styles. However in this class we will introduce you to the authentic way of cooking Pad Thai like the Thais will cook in Thailand.  

We will start with an interesting short discussion about the ingredients, where to get them and steps in cooking. Then we will start to make an Authentic Shrimp Pad Thai. You will learn all the steps from preparing the ingredients, making the sauce to assembling the dish.


Next we will make the Ruby dessert or Tub Tim Krob; in Thai Tub Tim means Ruby and Krob means Crispy. Thai people named it after the fact that this dessert is made of water chestnuts which have crispy texture and are dyed in red syrup. It's a comfort iced dessert Thai people love, especially in Summer time.

At the end you will get to take your own delicious cooking home. We will prepare containers and a bag for you. A folder consisting of the recipes and a printed list of unique ingredients, recommendations and addresses of the stores will be provided. 

*** Signing a waiver form is required on the class day***

What to Expect

Private Class

Get a chance to learn how to cook authentic Thai food exclusively.

You will learn and do all steps yourself for better understanding.

***We also offer group classes***

Simply email us the date you prefer and a number of people to get a quote.

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