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In this class, the paired dishes will be Chicken Coconut Soup and Shrimp Fried Rice.

The Chicken Coconut Soup gives the unique aroma of Galangal and Lemongrass. You can taste the delicious tender chicken in each bite. Of course, there is a secret behind it that will be revealed in the class. 

For Shrimp Fried Rice, who said it's easy to make fried rice? If it's easy, why is your fried rice so soggy or bland? We will teach you all the important techniques to make it authentic and delightful. 


After the class, you can take your cooking home to share with your friends and family. The portion you make can comfortably serve 2-3 persons.



*** Signing a waiver form is required on the class day***

What to Expect

Private Class

Get a chance to learn how to cook authentic Thai food exclusively.

You will learn and do all steps yourself for better understanding.

***We also offer group classes***

Simply email us the date you prefer and a number of people to get a quote.

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