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Originally the art of fruit and vegetable carving was taught to women in the Thai royal palace. Once it has been spreaded out, a valuable heritage passed to Thai people of many generations up until now. However these days limited numbers of Thai people would be interested in preserving this precious art. We are proud to be one of them sharing this art with you. 

This basic carving class is for beginners who want to get started into the fruit and vegetable carving world. You will learn the basic elements of carving skills; holding the carving knife properly, cutting techniques and different carving styles. We will work on different types of vegetables and create beautiful garnishing pieces; bell pepper sauce or dipping containers,Carrot,

Cucumber and lettuce decorative leaves, Chili and cucumber flowers ,and Curly green onion garnish.

At the end of the class  you will get to take your finished work home. We will prepare a tray with a dome lid for you.

**Carving knife sets by Kom Kom  will be available for purchase on the class day at $15 (Cash Only). Feel free to bring your own carving knife if you already had one.**

*** Signing a waiver form is required on the class day***

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