Kani Surimi Dip

In the afternoon when we normally start to get hungry and try to find something to munch on. It's not uncommon to grab something easy like a bag of chips or caramel and cheese popcorn in my case. One day my husband showed me another easy way to please my stomach before dinner time. Kani Surimi dip was what he made for me. It's a recipe he got from his mother. I've verified the source of this recipe with mom; she said she got it from aunt Jan about 40 years ago! It's delicious, easy and far better than chips or popcorn. It's also a good appetizer or a dipping bowl to go along with a cheeseboard when you have a party. But wait! What is Kani Surimi? In Japanese, Kani (蟹) means crab and Surimi (すり身) means ground fish or meat. Kani Surimi is imitation crab which normally made of pulverized white fish like pollock, so basically this dish is a yummy imitation crab dip. You can find imitation crab at your local grocery store. It normally comes in two

versions; leg style (stick) and flake style. The original recipe uses the stick style cut into 1-inch-long pieces. Brad and I preferred the flake style since it already comes in bite-sized pieces. Now let's take a look at the ingredients and get started.